Friday, 30 October 2015

 For inquiry we have to create a logo or business card for our product that we will sell on market day on Friday 6th of November 
My product is chocoberries chocolate dipped strawberries
Here is my work

Package: 6 Chocoberries wrapped up in cellophane with a ribbon wrapped around the top with my label on it and my business card when you buy it.

Need to trail it.

Strawberries x 3-4 = $14.97
White chocolate 1 block = $ 3.99     =$ 24.99
Dark chocolate 1 block = $ 3.99
Plastic bag for package = $2.00

Really yummy,
I like the white chocolate best,
Cut off the tops of the strawberries next time,
Get bigger strawberries.

Target market.
I am going to target the middles\seniors
Advertisement: Poster, and Sign.