Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Dimante poem

Cold and nervous,
Village pools crowded with people old and young,
Cheering adults,


Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Here is the end result of my product Chocoberries.

Friday, 30 October 2015

 For inquiry we have to create a logo or business card for our product that we will sell on market day on Friday 6th of November 
My product is chocoberries chocolate dipped strawberries
Here is my work

Package: 6 Chocoberries wrapped up in cellophane with a ribbon wrapped around the top with my label on it and my business card when you buy it.

Need to trail it.

Strawberries x 3-4 = $14.97
White chocolate 1 block = $ 3.99     =$ 24.99
Dark chocolate 1 block = $ 3.99
Plastic bag for package = $2.00

Really yummy,
I like the white chocolate best,
Cut off the tops of the strawberries next time,
Get bigger strawberries.

Target market.
I am going to target the middles\seniors
Advertisement: Poster, and Sign.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Tying Knots

This is my bowline knot and my figure of 8 knot we are learning how to tie knots so that when we go optimist yachting we will be able to keep the boat stabilized.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Calendar art 2015

This is my calendar art for 2015.
The art in the middle is called a Mandala and inside the lightning strike is Zentangle.
The colors I used is Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple and pink.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Making a terrarium

For our holiday homework we had to make a terrarium garden.
Here is my one.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My winter poem's

When it’s winter it’s cold outside       
Indoors the fire burns
Never hot weather
Terrible winds and rain
Everyday it’s normally cold and wet
Raining and hailing wet and cold shows that it’s winter.

                   Fire burning hot
             Drinking my hot chocolate
                Waiting for summer

Thursday, 18 June 2015

National Young Leaders Day

National young leaders 2015

On June the 16th the leaders of HNP went on a bus to Palmerston North for National Young Leaders Day {NYLD}.

We had several different speakers that included: William Pike,Chris Jupp,Marcus Winter,Paul Blackwell,Sariyah Paitai,Phonix and Jamie Mcdell.

First was William Pike and he talked about his story.From every speaker there was a main thought and from William's story he said you need to have all passion no limits.

Next we had Chris Jupp and when he was at school he never got to be a school leader but at college he was asked to do the 40 hour famine which last year raised 44,000 dollars to go to Mongolia to help the poor and now every year Chris does the 40 hour famine to try raise more money.He said that we're not superheros but we have the power to change the world,so stand up for what you believe in.

The third speaker was Marcus Winter also called the sandman because of the art he does.If your wondering what type of art he does Marcus does sand art where you create a picture with sand then ruin it- it's amazing but this all started with him busking on the street. Marcus also showed us how to create your future and that "Only you can draw your future".

Three more speakers to go and we have already had morning tea,time fly's fast when your having fun.In between some speakers we had games questions,songs and then its lunch.Me and the other leaders head up to the photo booth and get some pictures.We then go and get some photos with the speakers and ask them to sign our little books that we got from the people at the door.After that we all headed back and 5 minutes before the host came back on stage some songs started and everyone started dancing and singing - it was really cool.

Then we had Paul Blackwell and he told us "not to let anyone get in your way,dare to dream."

We then had the performance we had all been waiting for JAMIE MCDELL,she then told everyone how she became a performer.She sang us some songs and then said "Choose who you want to listen to."

Then it was time to go home with my bag on my back,I hoped onto the bus and on the way back we watched Big Hero 6 on the little TV,We played on our devices than we were home at 4:30.It was a really fun day.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Eggy Azalea’s egg diary.


Eggy azalea facts

  • There is
        Eggy Azalea the 1st
        Eggy Azalea the 2nd
        Eggy Azalea the 3rd.

  • Eggy Azalea is an egg.
  • Eggy Azalea lasted one day.
  • Eggy Azalea lasted 3 days.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

P.E argument

You can’t seriously not enjoy PE!

How can you not love PE, it’s great for your body which means it’s good for your brain.

As you can tell I am definitely for physical education because you get fit,fresh air away from the classroom, you learn ball skills,playing while class games and working together it’s all fun .So we should have it every day.

Seaweed,line tag,freeze tag and doing laps,these are just some of the things we do for P.E,even just getting out of the class is great for your brain it gives your brain a study break, a healthy body means a healthy mind.

Parents are getting more and more worried about their kids become fat because they don’t do enough exercise.11% of kids under 14 in New Zealand are obese and a further 22% are overweight. Any PE we do at school will help bring this number down.

PE also helps practice for your school sports such as netball,hockey,basketball and cricket and these are just some of the activities.

Finally physical education shows us that there's more to life than sitting behind a computer or watching TV.

By Molly H

Friday, 1 May 2015

The riding school was usual enough; it had

A dog a tack shed, a pony, a jump,
That we all go over,and even a box full of brushes.
I used all the time.  My instructor, my friends and I
Did what rider’s do - cantered through the bending, jumping whatever we could find,working on flat work,practicing bareback,
Raced to see who  is the fastest,taking off our gear
Doing nothing important

Molly J Henley