Thursday, 21 May 2015

P.E argument

You can’t seriously not enjoy PE!

How can you not love PE, it’s great for your body which means it’s good for your brain.

As you can tell I am definitely for physical education because you get fit,fresh air away from the classroom, you learn ball skills,playing while class games and working together it’s all fun .So we should have it every day.

Seaweed,line tag,freeze tag and doing laps,these are just some of the things we do for P.E,even just getting out of the class is great for your brain it gives your brain a study break, a healthy body means a healthy mind.

Parents are getting more and more worried about their kids become fat because they don’t do enough exercise.11% of kids under 14 in New Zealand are obese and a further 22% are overweight. Any PE we do at school will help bring this number down.

PE also helps practice for your school sports such as netball,hockey,basketball and cricket and these are just some of the activities.

Finally physical education shows us that there's more to life than sitting behind a computer or watching TV.

By Molly H

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